RENT TO OWN FURNITURE = Change as the Family Grows

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RENT TO OWN FURNITURE:Change as your Family Grows

As we move through the various stages of life, the uses and needs of our rooms grow with us. The young man who lives in his own place, alone or with roommates, usually has a criteria for furniture something like this: a comfortable couch that is pizza-stain proof, the largest flat screen television that he can afford, and the loudest sound system out there. If a game console is part of the furnishings, you can count on the young man feeling his place is as good as it gets.

Once he moves into marriage or a live-in relationship though, things will quickly change. All of a sudden, things like a couch that matches the recliner and a coffee table that isn’t covered with water rings grow in importance. As baffling as this is to most guys, they usually are happy enough to go along with the renovations from man-cave to couple’s home.

Often though, just when everyone is getting used to caring about things like the difference between sage green and slate grey, and the joy of eating at a dining table set with matching dishes, along comes baby.

This typically sends the decorating and furnishing plan into a totally new direction. Now, safety and practicality take precedence. That elegant glass topped coffee table that was a source of pride last year is now for sale on Craigslist. The sound system, television, and gaming console are relocated well out of the reach of grasping little hands. And, the “office” in the spare room that held a roomy computer desk and chair, additional flat screen television, and comfy corner chair now has become the nursery, all done up in pastel shades with themes like baby bears or hearts and flowers.

Everyone adjusts to the new reality of course, and even come to enjoy and appreciate the new decorating theme now in place. The joys of the growing family make things like coffee tables with round, soft edges bearable. But, of course, the changes aren’t quite over with.

Things start to come full-circle as the young family grows. Perhaps now with several toddlers and older children on board, the criteria changes once again. A pizza-proof couch in the family room once again makes sense. Now, choices in a dining table include considerations like how many teens can fit around it. The coffee table should be crayon-proof and marker resistant. Water rings are optional, but probably present. The cute nursery that was soft and pretty now features bunk beds and lots of clutter.

Some of the younger readers may be thinking “Oh that will not be MY decorating story!”. Young reader, I won’t argue, but simply suggest you read this again at some future point in time.

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