Rent to Own Furniture: Celebrate Labor Day!

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Labor Day is one of the U.S. Federal holidays that we are all used to having as a holiday that marks the unofficial end of summer, and we enjoy a day off from work or school, and a long weekend. But, do you know the origins of Labor Day and why we celebrate it?

Labor Day was first proposed in 1882 and became a nationally recognized holiday in 1994. It is a holiday that was meant to placate unionists following the Pullman Strike. It celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. Ironically, it has today become one of the bigger retail sale days of the year, and retail workers often spend Labor Day not only working, but working longer hours!

These days, Labor Day is a long weekend that many families spend out of doors, with barbecues being very popular. Other families prefer it as a time to relax together before the rigors of the school year get underway. What will your family be doing this year to celebrate Labor Day?

Even if a barbecue or day at the park isn’t on your agenda, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday and have some fun family time. How about a movie night? Rent a couple of the latest releases and gather on the sofa to watch a DVD on the television. Or, how about some video game competition? Has your family tried any of the sports or dance games? They really are fun for the entire family and a great way to have some laughs and get your hearts pumping.

Of course, a family feast is always a favorite, but perhaps mom doesn’t relish the idea of cooking on her day off. That’s not necessary! With so many options available at the grocery, a little creativity can create a great meal in minutes, utilizing some items from the freezer and the microwave. It’s amazing how easily almost anyone can put a full meal on the table.

However you celebrate Labor Day, take the day off as a day to relax and enjoy yourselves. If relaxing to you means watching reruns all day long on television, or sleeping in late every morning of the 3-day weekend, that is OK! Just be sure to have some fun!

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