Rent To Own Furniture – Buying the Best Sheets for your Bed

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Everyone likes to sleep in a comfortable bed, and apart from the bed and mattress, along with your choice of pillows, another important consideration are the sheets we put on the bed. How do you choose the best sheets for your bed? It’s easier than you think. We typically assume the higher the thread count the  better, but that is not necessarily the case. Thread count stands for how many threads per square inch of fabric, Actually,when you see “1000 thread count” sheets or some of the other elevated numbers, it’s a misleading label.  The only way to state this number is to wrap threads AROUND the individual threads, or jamming in extra, thinner fibers, to increase count, as in reality it’s really possible to go much above 400 threads on a loom. 400 is a good number to aim for, above this and you are probably paying much more, for a product that is not superior.

One of the most important things to look for in buying bed sheets is the material they are made of. Polyester blends are at the bottom of the list, and although it is inexpensive and feels great when first purchased, polyester is prone to “pill” after tossing them into the washer and dryer multiple times. It’s worth it to shop for 100% cotton, as it is a much nicer feeling and lasting sheet. However, 100% cotton can also mean many things. JUST 100% cotton probably refers to a less expensive and rougher American cotton fiber. Look for either Egyptian or Pima cotton for the nicest feel. Egyptian has a crisper feel, whereas Pima is a softer finish.

Another thing to be on the lookout for when you run across too-good-to-be-true deals on sheets and bedding, is the use of hand enhancers. Hand enhancers are silicone softeners added to linens. They feel very nice when you are sampling by touch in the stores. However, this softener washes out and you can end up disappointed. Stick to the facts on the labels to make the wisest decisions when doing your bedroom linen shopping.

A great thing to know, once you have your sheets and are pleased with them, is to avoid washing and drying sheets together with towels. I personally never knew this until recently. But I learned that doing so actually causes the sheets to pick up lumpy fibers from the towel and may end up making them feel much rougher.

My advise on sheet shopping is it is better to afford one or two nice sets than multiple not as nice sets. Take your time, look at labels, don’t be fooled by seemingly soft sheets while shopping and pay attention to the label!
Sleep tight!

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