Rent To Own Furniture – Back to School – Time to Rearrange Furniture?

Aug 25, 2013 Comments Off on Rent To Own Furniture – Back to School – Time to Rearrange Furniture? by

Why would you think of rearranging the furniture just because school is starting? Well, there are a couple of reasons! Let’s think it all through, room by room.

Kitchen: Is your kitchen ready for the mad-dash mornings that come with back to school? Is the microwave in the right spot? Just because it’s been on top of the refrigerator for the past 2 years doesn’t mean it needs to be now! If your kids are older and more self sufficient now, maybe it should move to counter top or the kitchen table. Is the refrigerator stocked with healthy snacks and lunch-box choices, and organized so your kids can help get their lunches ready?

Family room: Is the coffee table in the right spot to be conducive to family homework time? Sometimes moving it just a little closer to the sofa or further away will make it an easier place to gather around with homework chores. This is a good time to make sure there isn’t unnecessary clutter, magazines and books on top of the coffee table or end tables too.

Bedroom: Does the bedroom have a student desk? If not, is there room for one? It’s ideal to give your kids their own place to work, and it teaches them the ability to concentrate and meet deadlines on their own. A small computer desk and chair can work into many bedrooms. Some bunk beds are designed to allow a desk to fit under the top bed, too.

Bathroom: With the rush of mornings, it’s a good idea to take a quick look at the bathroom setup too. Of course you can’t easily move things like a sink or shower, but you can make sure you have a clothes hamper, and a good, easily accessible place for dry, clean towels and a place to hang wet ones as well.

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