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The History of the Dishwasher

Many of us truly appreciate the convenience of a dishwasher in our home. If you have recently purchased or leased a dishwasher for your home, congratulations! Now you are able to quickly and easily pop your dirty dishes and cooking pots into the dishwasher and have them come out clean and sanitary.

But, have you ever thought about what the history behind the dishwasher is? Probably not! You will probably be amazed to learn that the first mechanical dishwasher was patented in 1850, and was a hand-held device that sprayed water. It was slow, unreliable, and never widely embraced. However, in 1887, Josephine introduced her invention for a dishwasher at the World’s Fair. Josephone, the granddaughter of John Fitch, the inventor of the steamboat. She was wealthy and actually never had to wash dishes on her own, but she was unhappy with the servants chipping her good china and therefore invented a device to do the job.

In the 1920’s, dishwashers started to be installed in homes with plumbing installed. And by the 1970’s, the dishwasher had become relatively mainstream in American homes. Today’s dishwashers are a normal kitchen appliance, found alongside our refrigerator, microwave and freezer and serving just as useful of a purpose.

Our dishwashers today offer water saving settings, quiet run cycles, spotless drying, and many other innovations. For young families juggling mealtimes with busy careers, the dishwasher is a huge help! And, the degree of sanitizing is above what can usually be achieved when washing dishes by hand.

Enjoy using your dishwasher and take a moment to reflect on just how convenient it is to have a dishwasher available! Being able to fill the dishwasher with the plates, serving dishes, and even pots and pans from a large meal can make a huge difference when it comes to the work involved in preparing and serving a large meal.

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