Rent To Own Furniture – Animal Figures Used in Decorating

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Animals figurines have been part of human civilization throughout history. Some of the earliest man made artifacts found are relics of animal statues and figurines. Many cultures honor and revere various animals as holding mystic powers, and some cultures identify with the spirits and attributes of various animals.

Today, we still love animals in all their forms including figurines and art of all kind. Think for a moment – how many times have you entered somebody’s home to find artwork on the walls featuring lions, eagles, dogs, cats, birds, horses, or fish? Can’t you easily recall seeing a figurine of a fish, dolphin, bird, horse or panther on a friend’s coffee table? And, interestingly, animals go through seasons of popularity just like colors and styles.

If you walk through any popular department store today, you will likely find everything from throw pillows for the sofa, to kitchen-ware for the kitchen table featuring owls, foxes, or turtles, all popular animals right now. Amd, you never know – a year from now, you might be finding a set of sheets for your queen-sized bed decorated with an array of colorful toucans or fuzzy chipmunk figurines sitting on top of the entertainment center. ! It sounds silly, but when a certain animal is “in”, it’s really in. Haven’t you seen tons of owl accessories lately? The owl is in. The last time this big eyed bird was in was during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Just like everything, animal decor comes and goes in cycles. What’s your favorite animal? Is it featured in your home decor?

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