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Bunk Beds and Boys and Girls

What is it about having bunk beds that inspires so much fun and imagination? Bunk beds and children go together like… well, like milk and cookies. Give a youngster bunk beds and you have made one happy camper. Literally. Because in no time flat you can expect to go into that room and find the sheets and blankets have been re purposed into walls and the bunk bed is now a camphouse.

Bunk beds are great. Of course they are great for those families that have siblings sharing a room. Rather than having twin beds side by side, or a full sized bed or queen bed that the two children can share, bunk beds stack the sleeping quarters one on top of the other, allowing the maximum amount of floor space to be kept free. But even in families where there is only one small boy or girl occupying a room, the concept of bunk beds is simply brilliant.

Bunk beds used to be simple wooden beds, without much style or flair to them. Now though, bunk beds come in an assortment of styles and shapes. There are bunk beds that are a full sized bed on the bottom and a twin sized bed on top. There are bunk beds that have a bed on bottom facing in one direction and the bed on top facing at a right angle to it. There are also bunk beds that really aren’t bunk beds at all, that feature a desk in the lower portion, and a bed on the top portion, effectively turning the sleeping furniture into a multi-function device for both sleeping and studying. How brilliant is that!

Apart from how brilliant us adults think bunk beds are, children are huge fans. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, count on your kids setting up camp right away when they get bunk beds. You really can’t even scold them for this, as you know very well you too would do the same, if you had bunk beds!

Kids with bunk beds will find many things to do with them. Bunk beds will become sailing ships, space ships, forts, camps, tents, trucks, restaurants and more. You can expect to find stuffed animals, building blocks, toy dishes and cooking pots, and so much more in the depths of bunk beds.

Perhaps you see this as a negative. In your ordinary twin bed, you might find a children’s storybook or a doll or stuffed animal, not much more. Don’t think of it as a bad thing though, think of the bunk bed as a big imagination station for your children. If you were lucky enough to have bunk beds when you were a kid, you know just what this means. And, if you weren’t that lucky, you are probably just a little bit jealous.

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