Rent to own furniture and family game night. A great pair!

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Here’s a great idea for every family with children to consider: bring back family game night! Yes, indeed! In years past it was very common for the family, as well as extended family, neighbors and friends, to get together and play board games, play cards, or do puzzles. But, as with the practice of sitting down to eat meals together as a family, the practice of getting together for family game night is falling by the wayside. Let’s bring this wonderful custom back to the living rooms and family rooms of America!

Think about it, what better way to get to know your kids and what understand what makes them tick. And what better way for you to let them see who you are too. It is a perfect venue for children to learn how to compete and meet challenges, how to lose gracefully, how to manage conflicts, how to work together as a team… there are so many benefits to be gained. Perhaps over a game of Monopoly on the coffee table, you will learn your daughter has a fierce mind for finance, or maybe putting together a jigsaw puzzle at the dining room table with your son you will discover he has great spatial reasoning skills.

Too old fashioned for you to even consider? Then take your family game night digital! Playing Scrabble, doing puzzles, and playing board games can all be enjoyed as a family using a game console. Many popular television game shows are available as video games as well. Play Jeapardy or Wheel of Fortune on your couch, in the comfort of your own living room.

Bottom line, the family game night is a great way to keep the family united and enjoy each other’s company. And after some laughs and healthy competition together, you will find your entire family will be looking forward to the next family get together. So, whether you gather at the dining room table or in the living room, get together soon for family fun.

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