Rent To Own Furniture and Appliances- Laundry: Sensible Tips for Summer

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In summer, clothing is less bulky than winter, so at first glance it might seem that laundry will be a snap. But, keep in mind that we tend to sweat more, play outdoors more, use more towels for swimming, and in general, if anything, we create more laundry during the summer months.

There are steps you can take to minimize the workload all this laundry produces. The first step is a review of your laundry area or room and your equipment. Are your washer and dryer up to day models? Many times our washers and dryers can last for years and years. But, over the past few years, quite a few useful innovations have come along. Now washing machines do a better job of washing, with things like water-level sensors, and more. And, dryers do a better job of drying clothes too. Newer clothes dryers can sense when the clothing is dry and shut itself off, and has various settings for fabrics. So, if your set is over 8-10 years old it may be well worth looking at the newer technology available out there.

Once you are sure your washer and dryer are up to date, then take a look at how you have been maintaining them. Do you empty the lint basket on your dryer regularly? This is very important! An over abundance of lint causes the clothes dryer to work less efficiently and can even be a fire hazard under the right conditions.How about your laundry supplies? Make sure you have all the proper supplies you need.

When it comes to actually doing the laundry in the most efficient manner, it is very useful to separate colors AND fabric types as well. For instance it is not advisable to throw the jeans and lightweight top and lingerie items in the washer together. The weight and roughness of the jeans can actually damage finer materials, causing your clothes to wear out faster than they need to.

Even though we all would like to throw the clothes in the dryer and forget them for awhile, you can save yourself a lot of work by listening for the cycle to finish and immediately removing the clothes while they are warm. Folding them and hanging up shirts on hangers will save quite a bit of time and effort ironing down the road. The longer the clothes sit in the clothes dryer, the clothing cools off and wrinkles can actually form.

If you can engage the family in using a few separate hampers so that jeans go in one, light colored tops in another, and so forth, you will be halfway through the work when it comes time to throw a load of clothing into the rental washing machine. It pays to get an efficient system in place and don’t spend your summer doing laundry chores.

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