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All About Mattresses

We have so many choices when it comes to where we lay our heads at night! Today mattresses come in many varieties and sizes. What are the available choices and what do all the types mean? Well, first to consider is the size mattress you require. This depends on your sleeping style, whether you sleep with someone or alone, and the size of the room that your bed will be situated in. The typical sizes to choose from are Twin, Full, Queen, and King. In addition to these sizes, there are others available such as Twin XL or Full XL, which, as the name indicates, is a bit longer than standard. There are also California Queen and California King, and a Grand King and San Francisco King. Of course, when you get into these odd sizes, finding bed linens can be quite impossible, so these unusual sizes are not recommended.

Once you have chosen the appropriate size that works best for you, there are other considerations to think over. The typical mattress sold today is referred to as an innerspring, but there is an increasing number of high quality foam mattresses available, as well as some hybrids that combine innerspring technology with high quality foam technology. Apart from the actual material that a mattress is made from, there are levels of firmness and there are teh choices of regular or pillow top. As the name suggests, pillow top has a soft, cushioned layer resting on top of the mattress.

There are also many times of beds including the style that features a box spring with the mattress on top, or a platform style where the mattress sits on top of a platform. With so many choices there is bound to be a mattress out there that will provide you with a comfortable night’s rest.

Regardless of which size and style of mattress you choose, we should all count our blessings that mattresses have evolved from the materials used years before. Early mattresses were filled with materials such as horse hair, feathers, or even straw! Choose a bed that fits your style and your bedroom, and enjoy a good night’s rest!

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