Rent to own furniture – A Tropical Christmas?

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A Tropical Christmas?

Do you live in the warmer part of the country? Many of us do! It is a little more challenging to feel like reindeer, snowflakes, and mistletoe are appropriate when the temperature is 85 degrees and the sun is out every day. How do you create a holiday spirit when you live in a tropical climate or in the desert?

One way is to embrace the tropical or desert feel, and go with it. Decorate with palm trees festooned with lights, and Santa Clauses wearing tropical shirts. Rather than reindeer, have 9 flamingos pulling the sleigh on your lawn. Or, perhaps rather than a sleigh, Santa might be in a boat, with a fishing pole in hand!

For part of your beach themed holiday, set out a cluster of dried starfish spray-painted gold on the coffee table, or make a dining table centerpiece from a variety of metallic painted shells. Find
strings of lights meant for the patio that feature palm trees and such, and use them in the house for fun holiday lighting. Carry the theme further by adding a couple of inexpensive throw pillows with a tropical motif to the couch and easy chairs.

How about a southwest themed tree, with lizards and road runner themed decorations, along with natural clay and woven crafts from the mercados? Dolls, stars and other decorations made from corn husks are other pretty choices. You can bring a southwest desert theme into the living room with a collection of luminaries. Luminaries are white or brown craft bags with holes punched into them in the shape of designs. Rather than traditional holiday designs, try the shape of a lizard, a cactus, or a Kokopelli. These look wonderful behind the couch on a sofa table or on the mantel or hearth.

Or, imagine a Christmas tree that is decorated with oranges, tropical fish, surfboards, and flamingos. How about flip flops and sunglasses? Rather than having mulled cider and roasted turkey, have frosty fruit drinks and a cookout for the holidays. When gathered in the family room together, how about pineapple-coconut smoothies for a special holiday treat?

Remember, traditions are fun, but they are also what we make them. Just because we grew up with one set of traditions doesn’t mean we can’t create our own traditions and make them a part of our annual celebration. If your family lives in a desert climate, then why not have an annual Christmas hike, taking advantage of the sunny weather. If you live next to the water, maybe an annual family fishing tournament would be a great holiday tradition to start.

Make your holidays special in your family’s own way. It’s all about family, and enjoying the time together.

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