Rent To Own Furniture – A Pet Friendly Living Room

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A Pet Friendly Living Room

Pets are becoming a bigger and bigger part of American life. 38% of American families have at least one dog in residence, and 33% have at least one cat. Further statistics show that many, many families have more than one dog and cat, and that huge amounts of time, money and energy is spent on our four legged friends.

As much as we love our pets, they can wreak havoc on our homes and our furniture if we are not mindful about teaching our pets good manners, and pet proofing and preparing our homes so that we can live peacefully in conjunction with our furry companions.

Some families choose to have their pets reside strictly outdoors. Many years ago, this was common practice and may seem like a perfectly great choice as it is the sure fire way to keep our homes free from pet hair, dirt, chewed furniture, and other pet damage. But, we must consider that many years ago, we humans also spent more time out of doors, providing our outdoor pets with some company and play. Today, many families seldom spend time outside, coming home from work and school days to rush through dinner, homework and chores. If your family has an outdoor pet yet seldom spend time outside with your pet, consider inviting him indoors. With proper planning, your house can be pet friendly yet remain clean and attractive.

Let’s consider the living room. If you invite your pet to your living room, spend some time training them properly so that they know and understand they are not invited to sit on your couch or recliner and that chewing on the coffee table legs or on the remote control for the television is not allowed. Purchase a cat or dog bed so that they have their own comfortable space to relax. Make sure, if your pet is still at the chewing stage, that they have proper toys to chew on so that they won’t be inspired to chew on your chair legs. If the tell tale doggy odor that sometimes comes along with pets is your concern, purchase some products like Febreze or powders to use on the carpet before vacuuming that are specifically meant for pet occupied homes. These products will go a long ways to keeping things smelling fresh and pretty.

Enjoy your pets, and let them enjoy your family and home too. It makes for a closer relationship with your pets and in the long run, is well worth an occasional stray hair.

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