Rent To Own Furnishings – Family Fun on a Budget

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Being on a budget can sometimes limit a family’s ability to take vacations throughout the year. We can get overwhelmed by plane tickets, gas for the car, food and hotels can really add up fast, not to mention ticket and admission prices for entertainment once you reach your destination! How can a family still have fun together if more elaborate vacations are not an option? Instead of sitting at home, sitting on the sofa watching old reruns on the television and feeling like you are missing out, have a plan to get out of the house one weekend and spend time together as a family.

Some people might argue that getting out of the house requires too much work. If you spend some time in the kitchen the night before, it is actually fairly easy to pack a light lunch for everyone. Just set up a work station at the kitchen table and build a great family-sized portable lunch and store in a cooler. The next morning, you are ready to head out to the zoo, a museum or a nice park. Some movie theaters also offer older movies for $1 admission during the summer! Inflatable entertainment venues. typically what we call “bounce houses”, charge a small fee to play for several hours! There are actually many options for a day of local fun if you research options in your area.

To have a family getaway with a limited amount of funds, you could research cabins or beach homes if you live within driving distance to a beach. Sharing a rental home for the weekend with family and planning to cook meals there and eat at the kitchen table instead of a restaurant cuts back on spending as well. Some rentals offer rooms with multiple twin beds, perfect for the kids. If you share with another family and worry that one dining room set won’t be enough, simply push accent tables and end tables together and sit on the floor and have a fun night in! What are you waiting for? Go book or plan a fun, inexpensive family day or weekend vacation now!

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