Rent to Own Entertainment – Enjoying the New Year Safely

Dec 30, 2013 Comments Off on Rent to Own Entertainment – Enjoying the New Year Safely by

It’s the New Year! Many of us love to go out and kick up 0ur heels on New Year’s Eve. But sometimes you find at home without a sitter, or maybe you have work the next day or simply can’t afford the high costs of a big night out on the town. Maybe you just choose not to risk being out on the streets on such a busy night. Does that mean you have to sit on the sofa moping or go to bed early with a frown on your face? No it does not! Remember, celebrating New Year’s is really about taking a few minutes to reflect on the past year and to look forward to the incoming year. Do you have plans for 2014? That is wonderful!

Now, how about New Year’s Eve, and closing out 201 in style. First of all. Make it special. If you are stuck at home for any reason, then make home the backdrop for a fun celebration. Set out appetizers on the dining table or coffee table and light some candles. If you don’t have fancy appetizers then get inventive. Who said strawberry jam on saltines wasn’t festive? OK, that is extreme, but the point is, don’t let circumstances ruin your mood. Get laughing, get happy. How about you insist that you all dress up. Or dress silly if you prefer! Just do something to make it “special”. Everyone has something tucked away in the closet or dresser that they can pull out. A big hat with a feather, a sequined tank top, a pair of impossibly high heels… heck, where all of those together!

Turn on some music too. Or watch the countdown in New York City. Or do both! No excuses there either, you can turn on the television and get music going via your laptop. Crank up that sound system and dance! It’s certainly not necessary to over indulge in drinks or food to have fun, and you shouldn’t if you have children to care for or work the next day. Just enjoy each other and the vibe of celebration. And make some awesome goals for 2014. It’s right around the corner!


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