Rent To Own Electronics (Do You Need a Tablet Device?)

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Do You Need a Tablet Device?

Many of us may see advertisements for the wide variety of Tablet Devices out there and as much as they look fun and exciting, we may find ourselves wondering if we need one? Why should you consider a new tablet device? What are the benefits over a laptop or other computer system, or a smartphone?

A tablet can be thought of as a kind of hybrid of a smartphone, a digital camera, a television, and a Laptop. It offers a little of all of these devices’ power and capabilities, but not all. It’s important to realize first and foremost, for MOST people a tablet device will not replace a smartphone or laptop. It is not meant to.

What can and can’t a tablet device do? Here is the run-down:

Can I view movies on a tablet? Oh yes, this is one of the best uses of a tablet device. A user can hold a tablet and have their own personal movie watching device with a good sized screen and nice screen resolution.

Can I browse the internet? Of course! This is a wonderful use of a tablet, along with the many apps that are made for tablets.

Can a tablet make and receive phone calls? The answer is, YES, some devices can make and receive phone calls. But, how practical would it be to use a tablet for all your mobile phone calling? It hardly would fit in a pocket! Although a tablet can make phone calls, most people will not find it a satisfactory replacement for their cell phone.

Can a tablet run my computer applications like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel? Currently most tablet devices run “apps” like a smartphone does. Adobe has releases an app for Photoshop on iPad called “Touch” but in no way is it a substitute for the full version. The same goes for many other apps created just for a tablet device. Microsoft Excel does not run on a tablet device but using PC access software, it is possible to access your installed version on a computer.

What are other uses for tablet devices? In the home or business, it’s easy to set up a tablet as a second monitor for your laptop or desktop system. Also you can expect to see tablets popping up in restaurants as ways to order your meal, in retail environments as way to demonstrate products, in aviation as a way to carry all the needed documentation, in business meetings as a way to share documents and presentations, and much more.

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