Rent to Own Dining Table – A Time To Be Thankful

Nov 23, 2013 Comments Off on Rent to Own Dining Table – A Time To Be Thankful by

At this time of year almost all of us start to think about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Some of us may have elaborate plans already in place, a large family gathering around the dining table, with the children at the “kid’s table”. Or, some of us may find ourselves far away from family and friends and be contemplating how to best spend their holiday. Another group of folks will find themselves working on the holiday, as more and more stores start Black Friday sales even earlier than ever, on Thanksgiving Thursday.

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Is the turkey already in the refrigerator, starting to thaw out? Do you have a few new recipes to pop in the oven for this year’s feast? Or, are you going out for the day, to enjoy the meal at a relative’s or friend’s table?

Wherever you find yourself this coming Thanksgiving, make sure to stop for a moment and count your blessings. From those of us with large family gatherings at the dining table to those who are stuck with a work shift, selling laptops and flat screens to excited shoppers, we can all find that thing they are grateful for. Let’s all try to do just that this Thanksgiving… give thanks, be grateful, and if at all possible reach out to someone who can use a hand.

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