Rent to Own Dining Room – Making Mealtimes Special Family Times

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If you are the person in your home that is in charge of most meal times, it can be challenging to keep things interesting. Sometimes we forget that not only should the food be delicious, but mealtimes are best when the presentation is nice as well. So here are a few simple ideas to keep mealtimes fun and interesting for everyone.

Keep some cut up vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator and use them liberally for garnishes on plates. It may sound too simple, but the addition of a few broccoli florets and radishes or a couple short stalks of celery and carrot sticks adds color and interest to the meal and it’s healthy as well! Most fruit of course is always loved by kids and also makes for a pretty plate presentation. Strawberries and kiwis are two favorites and of course lemon or lime slices too.

Take the time to set the table, even if it’s a casual meal at the kitchen table. You can engage the kids by letting them gather greenery, sticks, or other interesting natural items for a nature-themed arrangement. Even though it might not be beautiful to you, the kids will feel very proud of themselves. Another idea is to let them create some place settings with construction paper and crayons. They can work on these seated at the coffee table in the family room while you work at the range in the kitchen!

And, try to start a family tradition of some sort to further make mealtime a special time. A great way to foster communication is to let each family member share a highlight from their day and to discuss it as a family. Mealtimes are a great family event, so striving to make them enjoyable is well worth it.

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