Rent furniture you will LOVE on Valentine’s day!

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Family

Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day for sweethearts and lovers, but families can get in on the fun too, and ought to take advantage of a day meant just for telling others that they are loved. We often think of chocolates and candy as the way to celebrate this special day, but if you and your family are trying to eat with health in mind and avoid too many sweets, there are other ways to celebrate the Day of Love!

Valentine’s colors are usually red, pink and white, and these three colors can easily be used decoratively in your kitchen, dining room, living room, and more to lend a touch of Valentine’s cheer to your decor. Of course, heart shapes are traditional at Valentine’s Day too, and can also be used as decorations.

Here are a few ideas to engage your children in for a fun, family Valentine’s Day celebration. How about gathering some simple craft materials together and sitting down at the kitchen table or in the living room at the coffee table, and making some homemade Valentine’s Cards? Use construction paper, paper doilies, glitter, bits of cloth, ribbon or lace you might have on hand, and any other items you can glue onto cards. Have blunt, children’s scissors, glue sticks, and tape for the little ones to use. If you can supervise and help, you can also have sharp scissors and a glue gun to use. Make Valentine’s “mailboxes” out of paper sacks that are decorated by each family member. Maybe these could be attached to the back of dining room chairs, or maybe placed on the dining room table as a centerpiece. As the days lead up to Valentine’s Day, deliver mail to these mailboxes but don’t let them get opened until the special day!

Baking some special valentine’s treats is another great way to get the children involved and to enjoy the celebrations of life together as a family. Sitting together with the kids at the kitchen table to work on cookies will make it a special time! You don’t have to make cookies from scratch, buy pre-made dough in the refrigerator section of the supermarket, or just decorate baked cookies from the bakery shelf. Use white and pink frosting and pink, red and white candies and sprinkles.

Then, when the cookies are done, let your little ones hand them out. A nice cookie with a glass of milk will be a welcome snack to enjoy while sitting on the couch in the living room. If you don’t normally allow food in the living room, maybe a special allowance can be made, making the joy of a cookie while sitting on the sofa all the more special feeling! Passing a few cookies out to your neighbors will also help your children learn the joy to be found in giving to others.

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your family and friends, and remember to take advantage of all the celebrations that life has to offer, that’s what its all about!

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