Rent Furniture Recliners… So Much More Than a Simple Chair!

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The recliner is a common piece of Rental Furniture found in living rooms and family rooms around the world. In fact, many folks claim the recliner as their favorite spot for relaxing. What better place to get comfortable with a good book or to watch the latest DVD? With more and more innovations and features being built in to today’s recliners, its small wonder that some homes have more than one of these wonderful chairs!

The recliner has much more history than most of us realize. The very first reclining chairs were introduced in the late 1700’s and were chairs that could either be used in the upright chair position or in a reclining position so that the feet could be elevated. Then, a camp cot was introduced in France in the mid-1800’s. It was actually a reclining camping bed, that served as either a chair in the upright position, as a chaise with a raised footrest, or as a bed when completely opened. It didn’t have the mechanical workings that today’s recliners have, but it was a nicely functional piece that had upholstered arms and a metal frame. It is reported that Napoleon had one of these reclining chairs.

Many “motion chair” designs appeared in the late 1800’s, in United States and France, some featuring such perks as a book holder. Most of these were wooden, with padded cushions for the seat and back.

In the 1920’s, two American cousins named Knabush and Shoemaker patented their reclining chair, which was a plain wooden model similar to a beach chair, and then eventually founded LayZBoy. In the 1930’s they began producing upholstered models. A competitor added the footrest portion to their upholstered recliner, and going forward, typically all recliners featured a footrest.

Recliners today have evolved past simple mechanisms that operate by either sitting down and pushing back, or lifting a lever, to sophisticated motorized chairs that have remote controls and power features. Often, a person with limited mobility will find these chairs to be a great choice for comfort and ease of getting in and out of the chair.

Whether you choose a simple recliner or a fully loaded model, a recliner makes a relaxing and comfortable seating option for any household. Recliners are available in many fabrics and styles, including durable microfiber and upscale leathers. There are even double-seated recliners with cup holders available for the couple that are avid movie watchers or sports enthusiasts! Recliners are a favorite choice for a reason, they are the ultimate for relaxing!

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