Rent Furniture: Making the Holidays (and Rooms!) Bright

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Making the Holidays (and Rooms!) Bright

During the holiday season, we get to enjoy seeing the world dressed up in its finery. Many of us decorate indoors and out during the Christmas season, and lights festoon our homes. Outdoors, trees and bushes are wrapped and draped in sparkling white or multi-colored lights, creating a wonderland in many neighborhoods.

Indoors, meanwhile, many of us put up a Christmas tree, decorated with lights, ornaments of all styles and colors, garlands of beads, bows, and even popcorn, and all sorts of glittering, shining items. Some of us will wrap the stair railings with garlands of pine and lights, decorate doorways, alcoves, and in general, add light and sparkle to every inch of our homes that we can. The most dedicated of us will find ways to incorporate holiday sparkle into every room, not only the living room, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Nothing is exempt – the dining table will hold a holiday themed centerpiece, even the entertainment center might hold Christmas candles and lights!

Eventually though, the holidays pass, and all the glitter and glamour is packed away into boxes and crates until the next year. When all has been cleared away, a look around your rooms may reveal perfectly lovely couches, chairs, coffee tables, dining tables, and more – but the glitter and glow just isn’t there. While we might not want flashing lights and multi-colored strands all around us year-round, a little attention to our lighting choices in our home can make a huge difference when it comes to creating an inviting ambience.

Sometimes, especially when we are on a budget when it comes to decorating, we opt to go with the built in lighting a home has. Overhead ceiling lights and fans are very common. The light from a ceiling fan may be adequate, but is it warm and inviting? Perhaps not. Consider adding some additional lighting to your rooms. Table lamps on end tables at the end of the couch or beside the recliner will immediately add a warm glow to your living room. A standing floor lamp placed to the side or rear of a favorite reading chair can make all the difference. In the bedroom, bedside tables will also benefit from tabletop lighting. In the bedroom, choosing a lamp with variable brightness settings is a great strategy.

The kitchen is a room where we often prefer bright lights to prepare meals and cook. But, dining under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights isn’t near as pleasant as the warmth of incandescent lights. A small lamp places on the dining room sideboard or even on the kitchen table in some scenarios makes for a more enjoyable venue to dine in.

Take a look at your home’s lighting once the extra glitter of the holidays is cleared away this year. It’s a great time to assess if some auxiliary lighting choices would add a warm glow to your home.

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