Rent Furniture: Is Your Home Ready for the Winter Season?

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Is Your Home Ready for the Winter Season?

As fall progresses and days become cooler, most of us have already put away our summer gear outside and prepared our lawns and gardens for their dormant period. Many of us will spend the coming weekends raking leaves and continuing to say goodbye to summer weather while the cooler fall and winter days encroach.
What about indoor preparations? Has your home made the transition from summer to winter? Some families live in the tropical and warm states like Florida and southern Arizona, where the climate’s changes are much less drastic and there truthfully isn’t much to do in the way of preparing for the coming season.

But, for those living in areas with more pronounced climate changes between the seasons, a few more preparations can be made to transition your home from summer to winter.
Let’s start in the living room and family room. Many times, these rooms feature heavy curtains or drapes, in addition to closed blinds to keep the harsh rays of the summer sun out. Bright light can make viewing television or computer screens difficult, and it is also damaging to fabrics, fading and deteriorating them over time. If you have upholstered couch, recliners, and chairs, you may have had heavy window treatments over your windows during summer. At this time of year, it can be pleasant to open the blinds and pull back the drapes. Natural light during the cooler months is not nearly as harsh, and the warmth from the sun can help take a slight chill off the room. Sometimes people choose to swap out items like throw pillows on couches and chairs between seasons too, switching from cooler summer fabrics to heavier tweeds and knits. Think about adding a warm and cozy throw or afghan to the back of your couch or recliner for added coziness. All of these changes also apply to the bedrooms, where bright summer sun may have been blocked to preserve the bed linens and upholstery, at this time of year letting in the sun can be a pleasant change.
In the kitchen and dining area the changes are more subtle. The sun can be damaging to wood so sometimes draperies are also kept closed in the dining area, to protect the dining set table and chairs and the china cabinet and sideboard. It’s a great time to let some light in.

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