Rent Furniture – Indoor Gardening for Small Living Spaces

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Indoor Gardening for Small Living Spaces

Have you caught the gardening bug but don’t really have a suitable space for outdoor gardening?
Don’t let the lack of a yard hold you back. An herb garden inside your home can easily bring flavor, greenery and a little spice into your life!

Herb gardening is popular because many herbs are not only flavorful, they are easy to grow. A collection of small clay or ceramic pots can hold basil, parsley, cilantro, sage, and rosemary, or any other herbs you enjoy using for cooking.

Most grocery stores and larger variety stores have garden supplies stocked at this time of year. Small starter herbs can cost as little as $2 each, and seeds are also available. Some plants start easier from seeds than others, so ask questions and do a little research for maximum gardening space.

Where can you set up your garden? The kitchen table is a convenient spot because then your fresh herbs are handy when it comes to cooking. Or, set your garden up on the dining room table. Imagine what a nice and lively centerpiece decoration live herbs could make! A simple row or a circular arrangement are two options. If you choose a simple row down the middle of the kitchen table or dining table, use smaller pots, or stagger the size from tallest in the middle to shortest on the ends. If you choose a circular design, choose a variety of pots that will blend nicely and arrange them in an attractive manner. One great way to do this affordably is to shop the garage sales.

Your herb garden can also live on almost any window sill. Or, how about the coffee table? Imagine how pleasant a little fresh greenery could be in any room! A collection of pots growing herbs can sit on the dresser in the bedroom or on the top of the entertainment center in the family room. It’s helpful to lay down a waterproof pad or other such item before setting up your garden so that drips of water and moisture don’t cause damage to your furniture.

Try herb gardening this spring, and enjoy the fun and flavors of fresh herbs! And, if you should have a bumper crop, remember that most herbs can easily be popped into the freezer and frozen in ziplock bags as individual portions. Throughout the year these can be used in soups, stews and other dishes. .

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