Rent Furniture – How Can I Mix and Match Styles?

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How Can I Mix and Match Styles?

Q. I have some antique furniture and accessories passed down from my grandmother and other family members that I just love. But, my own personal style leans more towards contemporary or even modern. To top it off, my new husband’s furniture is definitely more “bachelor pad” style. How can I make the different looks work together in our new but small home?

A. Luckily for you, today mixing and matching styles and periods of furniture and accessories is all the rage. It’s all about finding a common theme to pull it all together, and expressing your own look via a variety of styles, complimentary colors and shapes.

Let’s say for instance you have inherited a delicate end table on spindled legs and an old standing lamp that is funky and fun. Your new husband brings to the mix a modern, somewhat heavy coffee table. How does it all work together?

A great place to start would be a bold wall color. You might go out on a limb with a shade like a bright mustard or a frosty olive green. Then, look for a microfiber couch in a neutral color and with contemporary lines. Buddy’s Lease to own furniture has a great selection and this sort of piece will create a focal point to build around. I suggest sticking to a neutral tone for this major piece of furniture, your couch will become the centerpiece and the accessories can easily change throughout the years.

The heavy coffee table could be completely given a facelift by doing a faux-metallic finish such as antique pewter. Look online or at your local home improvement store for many great and affordable ideas about how to refinish an old coffee table into something new. Now, having said that, don’t forget, while you are choosing your couch you might take a look at available coffee tables too. When you choose rent to own furniture, your budget dollars will go further, allowing you to splurge on a few pieces if you so decide.

Choose another accent color to compliment the walls, persimmon (a bright orange shade) would look smashing against the mustard or olive, and will work year round. Use your end table and standing lamp, and then decorate with some inexpensive vases and accessories in your complimentary color. Don’t forget to pick up some throw pillows to add punch to the couch too.

Step back and see what else can tie your room together. Green plants, and of course some art on the walls will all go a long ways towards creating a cohesive living room or family room where the couch, recliner, and coffee table are the center gathering place for family and friends.

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