Rent Furniture (Getting a Head Start on Thanksgiving Day)

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By now, most of us have started to give some thought to this year’s Thanksgiving celebration. Many of us will be hosting, and we have started to plan the shopping list, the menu, the Dining Table decorations, and of course the guest list.

These days though, most of us are juggling not only a family but a career as well, and time is of the essence. How can we plan ahead for Thanksgiving and save ourselves a little time on the big day?

For starters, let’s always remember the meaning of the word “Thanksgiving” and stop to be thankful for all that we have. Beyond that, there are a number of things we can do to get the ball rolling and prepare in advance so on Thanksgiving Day we can enjoy the celebration and time spent with family and friends.

Even for those on the strictest of budgets, you may be able to take advantage of store specials and displays and start to gather the non-perishable goods needed for your dinner. Try to plan your menu completely first, then compose a shopping list. Get really detailed and remember to add everything on Rent to Own Kitchen , not only the frozen turkey and bag of stuffing, but the spices needed, the aluminum cooking tray or the baking bags if you use them, the jar of sweet pickles and the mixed nuts you will place out on the coffee table before the meal as an appetizer. Read through your list a few times and try hard to remember all the little things.

Now stash that list in your wallet or add it to your smartphone, and each time you are at the supermarket, try to pick up a few items on your list. Be sure to mark them off your list, and store them in a special area of the cupboard at home. If you have a stand alone freezer or a large Freezer in your refrigerator, you can also stock up on frozen vegetables, pies and whipped topping.

Now, when it comes down to the final days before the holiday, you can avoid most of the hassle of the crowded stores and dash in for the final items that had to wait, all the fresh produce, breads, and other perishables that you will be using to prepare your meal. Just taking this simple action in the weeks prior to the holiday can save you precious time when the big day arrives.

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