Rent furniture for your home – “A relaxing place”

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Home – A Relaxing Place!

Where is your “relaxing space”? Many of us get a little narrow minded when it comes to relaxation. We think “I need to relax” and a few obvious choices pop into our heads.

A Spa Day! What more upscale choice is there? But, of course, that is the most expensive choice in relaxation as well. How about in the house? Does “relax” to you mean to stay in the bedroom, snuggled in bed with the laptop or tablet you rented?

Or, is your idea of relaxation being curled up on the couch in the family room with the entertainment center softly playing music in the background and a candle lit on the coffee table?

Without a doubt, these things are relaxing. But how about thinking outside of the box and coming up with a few less traditional ways of relaxing. How about a nice cup of tea in the kitchen, seated at the kitchen table and browsing through a recent magazine? Or how about taking the kitchen theme a little further. When is the last time you tried out a totally new recipe? Set that glossy, special edition cook book you got up on the kitchen bar and get yourself busy concocting something new. Not only will you relax as you get yourself into the recipe, you will also make your other family members mighty happy when they get to sample your efforts!

How about a jigsaw puzzle? Even if the rest of the family wants to watch a loud action movie or play energetic video games on the gaming console, get yourself a jigsaw puzzle and set it up in the dining room. Not only is it a great way to let your mind get totally distracted with they busy work of the puzzle, before you know it, you just might attract a few other family members to your activity and a whole new family tradition could be started!

Relaxing absolutely does not need to be sedentary. In fact, doing an activity that engages both the hands and the mind is really the ultimate in relaxation. If you give it a try, I promise at the end of the day you will realize you’re feeling calm, cool and collected and a little bit proud of yourself for trying something new!

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