Rent Furniture for your first place

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Your Own Place: Getting a Jump Start

You’re a graduate! Congratulations, that was hard work! But you did it, your studies are done and it’s time to get out on your own. That is but it can be daunting too. How
do you get a jump start on life? The good news is there are usually plenty of move-in specials for newer apartments and
townhomes in almost every community. It’s important that to property managers to fill up those units. Take advantage of that and look for specials where deposits
are waived or lower monthly rates are offered. Compare amenities and take your time so you are sure to find a place that you like, that is affordable for you,
and conveniently located close to your work and other necessities.

How do you get started when it comes to affording furniture, electronics and Appliances to turn that new rental into a comfortable home for yourself? Often new graduates haven’t had an opportunity to establish credit. Sometimes the only credit history they have is a student loan that they haven’t started to repay yet.
And, frequently, new graduates haven’t much in the way of savings. Renting furniture can be the answer!

Rent to own is a great option for someone starting out. For example, at Buddy’s Home Furnishings, almost everyone is pre-approved for up to $2000 of credit to rent
furniture or Rent Electronics. A recent graduate with a new apartment and a new job but with no credit, poor credit, or even negative credit can relax and fill
out a simple credit application. A pay voucher from their place of employment and their lease agreement or utility bill will fulfill the requirements.
Buddy’s associates work with their customers to determine what they can afford.
It’s that easy!

Drop in at one of Buddy’s Home Furnishings many convenient locations or visit or website catalog.It’s the easy way to browse furniture to rent, appliances, and electronics such as televisions, sound systems, or gaming consoles. Or, rent a new computer system!

Consider rent to own furniture or rent to own electronics for that new place. Start off on the right foot! Renting furniture is a smart option. No down payments, no
impossible credit checks. When you rent furniture, all it takes is one affordable payment to equip your new place with furniture, electronics and
accessories. Congratulations graduate, you are on your way!

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