Rent Furniture – Decorate with Live Plants in Your Home!

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Decorate with Live Plants in Your Home!

Have you recently moved into a new home or apartment? Do you find that your home has all the necessary pieces of furniture, such as a couch or sofa, a coffee table, side chairs or recliner, and end tables, and beds and dressers in the bedrooms along with a table and chairs in the dining room, yet it still doesn’t feel quite settled in?

This is normal, it takes months if not years to get all the many little pieces that we add to our home decor and fill our spaces. One way to immediately add some life and fill in the holes of a new living space is through the use of live plants.

Live plants are not only decorative, they offer health benefits for the residents of the home. As you probably know, plants let off oxygen as the byproduct of their photosynthesis, which enriches the air that we breathe in our home. Plants can be elaborate and can be expensive, but there are a variety of plants available that are quite inexpensive and easy to grow. For the new plant owner, this is a great place to start.

Some common houseplants that you have no doubt already seen in the homes of your friends and family include large and small varieties. For a big decorating bang, try a ficus tree or large palm in a decorative planter near to your couch in the living room. This can really add a nice pop of green and drama to your space.

A collection of cacti can be a low care alternative for those who are not up to the task of heavy plant care. A shallow pottery dish with sand can be the home of several cacti grouped together in a pleasant way. Using a few rocks for texture and interest can help a cactus garden.

Spider plants have been a long time favorite of apartment dwellers, as they can be easily hung in sunny windows and provide a nice pop of green. Spider plants produce spider “babies” that can be allowed to hang from the plant or plucked off and planted to create other plants.

Consider decorating your place with plants for a nice, easy way to introduce color and pop into your home.

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