Rent Furniture – Craft it From Nature!

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Craft it From Nature!

With Spring arrived, it’s a great time to take the children out for a nature excursion and then do some crafting with your finds. Children thrive when allowed to get into nature, and this is the kid-friendliest time of year for it!

So, grab a tote bag and some scissors and get outside. Look for everything from interesting rocks and sticks to fresh blooming springtime wildflowers. Help your kids to see the possibilities in old wood, bark, rocks and pebbles.

Bring your finds home and gather the crew around the dining room table for craft time. Some glue, construction paper, pipe cleaners, and string are all good accessories to work with.

How about a mobile? Use an interesting stick and hang smaller sticks, rocks, pebbles and other finds from it. Let the kids use some paints to paint their rocks and sticks different colors first.
The finished product may not look like a work of art to some, but your children will be thrilled to see their mobile hung over their dresser in the bedroom, or over the dining room table.

If spring flowers were the find of the nature hunt, then make sure to get them in water right away. As beautiful as they are, many wildflowers don’t last long once cut. But decorate with them while you can, making a pretty table top arrangement or how about a shallow bowl full of bright blooms on the coffee table to brighten up that family room?

The thing to keep top of mind when working on arts and crafts with the children is to let them celebrate their creations fully. Hold back from too much assistance or critiques, let them make a crooked, wobbly decoration and then PROUDLY place it on top of the entertainment center where it can be viewed all week. Granted, these items your children make may not be things you find on HGTV, but in the eyes of your children, it is art, and as their parent, your appreciation for their crafts will go far in building strong egos and minds. These items don’t need to stay on the coffee table or next to the couch on the end table forever, let them live there a week or so and then you can let your child know it’s time to recycle their craft back to nature.

And then, do it again! Embrace nature and your children’s creativity this spring, while the weather is warm and enjoyable.

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