Rent Furniture – Coffee Table Decor – Points of Interest

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Rental Coffee Table Decor – Points of Interest

Almost all of us have a coffee table in our formal living room furniture, or family room or den. A coffee table isn’t usually used for coffee actually at all, although originally this style of table was invented for the serving of an afternoon refreshment. Today however, the coffee table is a square, rectangle, round or oval table, usually situated in front of the couch or in between a collection of side chairs and couches. The coffee table generally holds items like the remote controls, current magazines, and books, and it makes for a convenient place to place a drink or snack while you are relaxing, watching television or playing video games.

In other words, if a family isn’t diligent about neatness, the coffee table very often becomes a rather large catch all rather than the attractive center point piece of furniture it can be. Have you let this happen in your home?

Right now, without reading further, walk into your living room and take a good look. What do you see? Is your coffee table enhancing your couch and chairs? Does your coffee table provide style and substance to your room? Does it go with the style you prefer and wish to create in your home?

If not, there are so many styles available, take a look at what is out there! You can choose from everything from modern glass and metal, rustic wood, or soft fabric covered ottoman style coffee tables.

Once you have chosen a coffee table that really makes the most of your decor, the next step is to resist the temptation to use it as a place to gather too many items. Instead, use your coffee table as a wonderful, centered area to display a few of your favorite things or highlight an interest or hobby.

For example, if you have traveled to another country or wish to see a certain area, then find a beautiful book of photos from that area to have handy on the coffee table and keep your dreams at front of mind. But don’t let 10 other books get haphazardly stacked on top of your treasure! Keep it clean, and neat, and ready to be picked up and perused.

Or, if you collect rocks, for example, then the coffee table would be a nice place to display a few of your best finds. The trick, again, is to keep it lean. Don’t put out your entire collection, hiding the actual coffee table! Just choose a few selections of interest and know enough about them that you can explain things about your treasures to guests or visitors. This is how your coffee table can virtually become a frame for your life, where just a few bits and pieces are artfully put on display at a time.

So make sure you take a good hard look at your current coffee table today. And, if you see room for improvement, then get clearing and put away the clutter and create the impact you want in your living room or family room.

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