Rent furniture and give your bedroom a makeover

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Our bedrooms are such important rooms! They are where we sleep and recharge our batteries, and rest from our long and often hectic days. They are where we dress and undress, and where we share intimate moments with our families. Our bedrooms should be the most calming, restful, and welcoming rooms in our house, when you really think about it!

But oftentimes, they are not. Often, we leave the bedroom until the last when it comes to decorating. It’s not a room we generally entertain in, so it’s all too easy to shut the door and just forget about making our restful havens as peaceful and welcoming as possible.

Is your bedroom a restful haven? Or, is it a stress inducing mess? Do you make your bed in the mornings? Are your clothes flung on the top of the dresser or on the night table? Or are your clothes stacked up on the easy chair or chaise lounge in your room?

Be honest – is the top of your dresser littered with odd bits of receipts, coins, jewelry, and other items you pull out of your pockets and off of yourself at the end of the day? If your answer is YES to any of this – it’s time for a bedroom makeover.

Let’s start with the simple stuff. Make sure you develop a habit to tidy the bed each morning after you rise, and of course wash your sheets regularly. Once you get into the habit of making your bed you will find that it’s much more pleasant to slide between the covers at the end of a hard day. And, while we are on the subject of tidy, pick up your clothes! If they are clean, back in the closet or in the dresser drawer. If they are not, then straight into the hamper.

Beyond simple tidiness habits, there are a few other simple ways to create a restful haven out of our bedrooms. Do you have a television in your bedroom? Many folks do, but try a few nights of falling asleep simply with silence. You may find you awake more refreshed than the nights you fall asleep while the late night shows drone on in the background.

Also, make sure your room smells fresh and welcoming. A closed up bedroom can become stale. On free days, open the windows and let things air out. And, invest in some candles, scented oil lamps, or other scent-inducing items. Choose restful scents like lavendar and sandalwood to create a calm atmosphere.

It’s nice to have photos in the bedroom, especially a few of those people we hold nearest and dearest. Apart from family photos, look for framed prints of soothing landscapes or florals. A beach scene, for instance would look nice over the bed. And, a a pretty bouquet in a vase on the dresser top is a simple and natural way to being restive and peaceful feelings to your room.

Make your bedroom your haven. The big bed with a comfortable mattress, and your dresser, end tables and lamps are all important but also the overall feeling of peace and rest is essential to a bedroom helping you get the rest you need.

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