Rent Furniture – A Few Toss Pillows Make Quite a Difference

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A Few Toss Pillows Make Quite a Difference

What is one of the simplest ways to change the ambiance of a room? Why, throw pillows! Pillows are available in so many textures, colors and styles that just by switching out the pillows on your sofa or recliner you can actually change the style of your furniture and even your room.

Many times we choose furniture in a neutral tone such as tans or greens, or softer blues and grays, so that it will be versatile and fit into any new apartment we move into. But, unfortunately, that can leave us with decor that is less than exciting. Oh sure, it might look just fine really, after all, neutral by it’s very definition goes with most everything. But if your couch and easy chairs are leaving you less than inspired, just try some colorful throw pillows to liven up the look of your room.

If you have a tan, gray or brown couch or recliner, a bright pop of blue or red will add cheer and liveliness to your surroundings. With spring on the way, adding yellow, gold, orange or a bright poppy red or coral will bring a touch of springtime into your room. Throw pillows are easily affordable if you shop around, and if you are handy at all with needle and thread, you can buy material and create new covers for them quite easily.

How about texture? Pillows can be embellished with beads, buttons, and bows. Pillows can feature braided or woven strips of material too. For the bedroom, try adding white and pastel colored materials and embellishments to a pillow cover and create an elegant look for your bedroom. A simple full sized bed will suddenly become an elegant focal point of your room with the addition of a couple of throw pillows.

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