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The Home Theater

Having a home theater or a home system that can somewhat emulate the style of watching a movie at the theater is becoming more and more popular. The idea came about back in the 1050’s, when all of a sudden people could afford to buy 8 mm film and make their own family movies. Of course, back then it wasn’t as simple as connecting a computer or laptop to a flat screen television, like it is now. Then it was necessary to have a portable screen that could be set up and a film projector to play the 8 mm film on. Nonetheless, in spite of the inconvenience of setting up, sitting in the darkened living room and watching home movies of family events and travel became increasingly popular.

In the 90’s the advent of DVD’s and much more advanced sound systems that easily attached to televisions brought home theater to new levels. Now, besides just watching home movies while sitting on the couch in a darkened living room, families were actually creating a theater experience in their home. For some this was as simple as having a television connected to surround sound in the family room, where pulling the drapes and arranging the family in comfortable spots on the couch, recliner, and even on the floor around the coffee table were all that was needed for a fun movie night.

Others took their home theaters to new levels, converting the top loft area of car garages or unused studies into elaborate theaters complete with theater seating and a wet bar, microwave and refrigerator for storage and preparation of refreshments.

Today, with the prices of flat screen televisions dropping so that many families can afford a large screen flat screen television, families across the country can enjoy movies in the comfort of their own homes, sitting on the sofa while a surround sound system delivers the audio.

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