Rent Electronics – What Is Surround Sound?

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What Is Surround Sound?

Surround sound is a way of enriching the sounds from an audio track by adding additional speaker sources, providing sound from a 360° radius. Typically, speakers are placed at front center, front right, front left, rear left and rear right, and the additional source of a bass speaker, commonly called a woofer.

Today, many people choose to add a rental electronics surround sound system to their home entertainment system. A flat screen television, a game console, a dvd player or a Blue Ray player are the usual components of a home entertainment system. The addition of surround system can add another level of enjoyment to the home theater experience. Video games, music, movies and cable television can all be enhanced with the addition of surround sound.

Surround sound is set up by finding the “sweet spot” where the listener or listeners can be expected to be seated, and then arranging the speakers around them in a manner that will produce rich, robust sounds. Most surround sound systems come with complete guides and instructions for setting up the surround sound for the size room that you have your television and other entertainment systems located. It is important to carefully follow the instructions and size the surround sound accordingly, for optimal results.

Setting up surround sound isn’t necessarily difficult, if you take your time and follow instructions, but it can be somewhat tricky for those unused to audio systems. A couple tips that might help you set up the surround sound system for your home entertainment center can help keep the experience positive and stress free. One of the most useful tips to keep in mind is to label your speaker wires at the point of connection to your receiver. It can be confusing and frustrating to deal with a large amount of wires, so labeling helps a lot. Another great tip is to set everything out and connect it first, outside of the entertainment console. This way, you are able to establish the proper connections without the confines of working in the entertainment console. Once you have gotten it all straight, disconnect and reconnect the pieces inside of the entertainment console.

Investing in surround sound is a great upgrade to your home entertainment. Do a little research first and choose a system that is the right price and delivers the right audio for your home.


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