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Television – Using it as a Tool in 2013

Televisions are great for entertainment. Most of us enjoy relaxing on the couch in the family room on the weekend for movie, or catching the latest play off game from the comfort of the recliner.
Many of the younger generation are very keen on using the flat screen television as a monitors for their gaming consoles, to play action video games on. And of course, scores of folks across the country simply flip the television on every day to have as company, whether they really pay attention or not. Some tune into reality shows religiously or follow along with daily soap operas. Television programming has hundreds of channels with scores of shows with everything ranging from old black and white movie classics to off-beat futuristic cartoons for the younger set.

Do televisions have a useful purpose besides for entertainment? You bet they do! Lets think about some of the ways that televisions can help us as a tool. One of the most obvious are the myriad do it yourself shows featuring cooking, building, decorating, and other topics. Some shows on cooking, for example, will feature a recipe, show the ingredients, and step the viewers through the process of preparing the dish. The same goes for decorating do it yourself projects.

With specialized channels available through mediums like Roku, a person can use their flat screen television to access informational programs and receive instruction on exercise. There are quite a few of these sorts of channels available for a very nominal fee, and for many, taking a yoga, Pilates or weight class in the comfort of their home can be the first step towards a lifetime commitment to fitness and more practical than joining a gym.

Also available is travel information and language lessons. You can learn about a country or region you have always wanted to visit, then learn the basics of the language before arranging your trip!

How about college classes? Did you know that many community colleges have classes available via a channel on your local broadcasting? If this is of interest to you, check with your local community college, it may be available.

Churches and other religious institutions are also jumping on the bandwagon of taking advantage of television on demand. You can now enjoy many denominations of religious services and instruction via your television.

For those you prefer a computer, whether it be laptop, desktop computer or even a tablet device, most of all these options are available as well, via subscription to services through Roku, Netflix, or Amazon. Televisions are wonderful for entertainment but don’t limit them to this area only. Turn your television into a useful tool in 2013!

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