Rent Appliances – Wow! Some Surprises for the Freezer!

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Are you aware of all the wonderful ways the freezer can help you save money and time? Whether you have a stand alone freezer or are using a refrigerator with freezer built in, there are so many ways the freezer can help you save on grocery costs.

Of course, almost everyone knows that you can buy larger cuts of meat or economy packages of chicken and break them down into family sized portions that you freeze. And hopefully, you are all taking advantage of those bargains when shopping.

But did you know you can freeze much more than meat and chicken? How about tomato paste? How many times have you opened a can of tomato paste and only used a small portion. Most of the time, we optimistically save the leftovers in the refrigerator thinking we will use it up, only to discover at some point it has gone bad and needs to be thrown out. Next time, save the leftovers in the freezer.

The same goes for fresh herbs. We often buy a package of herbs just to utilize a very small portion in a recipe. Basil, parsley and mint along with many other fresh herbs can be safely frozen in plastic bags in the freezer and work just as well in most recipes.

Here is a real surprise for most people to learn. The leftover red wine that you hate to throw away can be frozen! Yes, if you have enjoyed a glass of wine with dinner and hate to waste the leftovers, freeze it! It won’t be good for drinking, but works wonderfully in cooking. In case you are not familiar with cooking with wine, it can be added to any number of stews, guisados and soups, roasts, and other dishes and imparts a rich flavor. Do a little experimenting with this?

Lemon juice, butter, milk, nuts and eggs can all be frozen. Eggs need to be out of the shell and the yolk and whites mixed together first. Ice cube trays make handy ways to freeze lemon juice or eggs, since you can then put the frozen cubes into plastic bags for easy, individual sized portions.

How about non-food items? Well, some of the older generation swear that once you pull the laundry out of the washing machine, putting it inside the freezer makes the ironing go much better. Many of us are not that tuned into ironing to try that trick, but if you do like sharply pressed dress shirts, you might just give it a try.

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