Rent Appliances – Some Food Items You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze!

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Some Food Items You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze!

Now that you have decided to budget your family food dollars by investing in a freezer, it’s time to think outside the box a little bit to take full advantage of seasonal savings and special offers.

When it comes to the freezer, whether it be a stand alone freezer or the part of the refrigerator, we think of normal things we can freeze in it like ice, ice cream, frozen entrees and vegetables and packages of meat. But, if we want to make the most of our freezers and really get a handle on making the most of our food dollars, there are plenty of items out there there freeze up beautifully and will save you big in the long run.

Let’s start with a simple one. Parsley! You buy a bunch for a nice italian marinara sauce but find that there is way too much left over. Wash and pat dry the parsley into small, individual bunches, about how much you would think to use for most sauces or dishes. Slip each bundle into a ziplock back that you have labeled with a freezer marker with ITEM and DATE. such as Parsley 042513. Try this same technique with other herbs as well, basil, sage and more can freeze up beautifully to bring the taste of summer to your meals year round.

Now, next time you make a stew, sauce or soup, make sure to drop one of these frozen herb packets in for the next best thing to fresh herbs. This manner of using herbs tastes so much fresher than dried!

For those you like to back waffles for the family, make a double or triple batch and freeze them! Then when it’s breakfast time just pop them in the toaster oven or microwave until heated. In this case, the toaster oven can have a better consistency, but either will work. If you make a large batch and freeze, you can have plenty on hand for the whole week.

Any fans of Mexican cooking? If you like to make homemade flour tortillas, you know how much work it can be, but once you make the mess of getting out ingredients you may as well make plenty. Freeze uncooked tortiallas between sheets of waxed paper and then remove when ready to grill. Just make sure the comal or grill isn’t overly heated.

Using your upright freezer for bargains on juice, frozen meals, and pizzas is great of course, who doesn’t like the convenience of a quick and easy pizza! But keep thinking outside the box.

If a bunch of bananas on the kitchen table is beginning to get a little too ripe, peel them, wrap in foil and freeze. These make delightful and healthful pops for kids and adults alike, full of goodness and potassium too!

Try a few experiments, and make the most of that extra freezer space. It helps the family eat fresh and natural, and it keeps the family dining budget in line!

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