Rent Appliances and Keep Cool as Summer Heats Up

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Everybody these days keeps an eye on the high costs of living and tries to stay on a budget. It’s smart! What can you do to keep your cool during the hottest summer months and stay on budget? A lot! Here are some tips and tricks for keeping you and your family cool as outdoor temperatures heat up.

Almost all of us know if you have air conditioning, whether you rent or own your home, it’s important to keep your ac filters changed regularly. It’s easy to be a little lax about it so try to note it on your phone as a reminder or on a calendar.

Apart from simple maintenance there are other measures you can take to help keep your home cool and comfortable. Being aware of windows that allow very strong sunlight and heat to enter is helpful. For example, in the bedrooms where people are usually not spending time during the day, dark curtains and shades can keep things shady and cool. In the living room or family room, you might also consider some light darkening shades or draperies. And, there is the added benefit of the fabric on your couch, recliners and chairs lasting longer. Sunlight can be very damaging. Even the wooden entertainment center, coffee table and end tables are prone to fade and for the wood to become dry and lose it’s condition over time, if exposed to bright sunlight.

In the kitchen, summer months are times to utilize the microwave for heating and cooking, and to consider some cooler meals that won’t require using the stove or oven for many hours, heating the kitchen up unnecessarily.

Also, be mindful during the hottest times of the year to not linger in front of the refrigerator or freezer. Every second that the door is left open, valuable cool air is escaping. You may not realize what an impact on your energy costs this can have over time.

Even small things like turning off lamps when not in use will help keep energy costs down and the house it’s coolest. Even lamps can put off heat from their bulbs.

Try to do your heaviest chores and cleaning early in the morning when the house is it’s coolest, so you too do not become overheated. Dress appropriately for the climate you live in with light cotton and other lightweight, breathable materials during the hottest days. Staying cool can be a challenge, but these tips will help you stay comfortable during the summer months to come.

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