Rent a television and create a at home movie night!

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Movie Night at Home

The last time I went to the movies with the family, it cost a fortune! Admission tickets for 3 kids and 2 adults, then snacks and drinks? It was truly highway robbery! That is a shame too, because it was a fun and enjoyable evening, and a great way for the family to enjoy some time together. On the ride home it was awesome talking about the movie we saw and laughing together. But with prices that high, outings like that are far and few between.

That is why this past weekend, we implemented “Saturday Night at the Movies” right in our own family room! It was fun and easy, and the kids really loved it. I am sure we will be making our family movie night a regular event. Now that we wall-mounted the flat screen television and installed surround sound, we can truly recreate the theater ambiance.

I think the reason our movie night was so successful and felt like a special event was that we created the mood completely. First, we made sure our seating was comfortable, and everyone had a good spot to view the movie we chose. Our surround sound was set to the right audio for action movies, and we darkened the room by closing the drapes and turning down the lamps.

Our movie snacks included movie-style microwave popcorn, trail-mix and, as an extra special treat, sodas. Generally, we don’t drink soda at home, but I thought that it would be worth it to make us all feel that it was indeed a special family event and not just every day. And, trail-mix was my healthy alternative to movie candy. The kids loved it!

All in all, our movie night was a complete success! In the spirit of creating a truly movie theater mood, I even let the kids have the volume a lot louder than normal. I highly recommend you try a movie night with your family!

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