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High-End Computing Power is Within Your Reach

With processor speeds and computer memory steadily increasing, acquiring a desktop computer or laptop that fits your computing needs doesn’t require breaking the bank. Whether you use a computer for accessing the internet for business, online bill-pay, or just keeping in touch with family and friends through Facebook and email, the right choice for your specific needs can be found easily.

The four basic computer choices are desktop models, laptops, tablets, and netbooks. Each unit has particular advantages depending on your application requirements.

Desktops: desktops are most likely the best choice for a home office or family computer, as the components’ size allows for a larger display terminal and greater storage capacity. Desktop models with great features to consider are the Inspiron Zino and the Vostro 220, both made by Dell. Both models have great hard drive storage capability and good processor speed.

Laptops: laptops are more versatile in that they are good computers for people who need portability with the similar functions of a desktop unit. Acer, Dell, and HP all offer models with exceptional processor speed and great hard drive capacity. Most are equipped with built in webcams to facilitate communicating on the web with Skype or other video-chat applications.

Tablets: tablet computers are fairly new computer options for consumers. Tablets were introduced to the market a few years ago and made quite an impact with consumers, primarily due to its compact size and functionality. With features like touch-screen capability, front and back cameras, built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, extended battery life and over 65,000 available apps, it brought respectability to the tablet computer for both the basic users and pros alike. Many other manufacturers have produced similar products with comparable capabilities. Toshiba offers the “Thrive”, a tablet model that shares many of the same features that other tablets have. We offer great choices when choosing a powerful computer that is both versatile and compact.

Netbooks: most netbooks today are used for simple applications such as accessing the web for browsing, simple word processing, accessing email and some non-demanding multimedia tasks and gaming. Most netbooks come with the same line-up of features, including a 10.1 inch display, Intel Atom processor, 1 GB of RAM, 160 GB hard drive, integrated Intel graphics and Windows 7 Starter Edition. Since most offer performance that is similar across the board, usability and personal preference is a good way to differentiate which would be the best choice for you.

Whether you are purchasing a new home computer, moving on to a laptop, tablet, or netbook for portability, or maybe just upgrading to a more powerful model, the available options and relative low cost of new units have really made great computing accessible to everyone these days.

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