Rent a computer to organize in the 2013 New Year!

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Use Your Computer to Organize in the New Year

What do your plans for the new year include? Most of us set some goals as the old year passes and the new one rings in. We may plan to exercise more, eat better, keep better track of our finances or be on top of sending out birthday cards this year. Whatever our plans and hopes are for the new year, one way to accomplish and stick to our goal setting is by using our computer.

Do you have a laptop or desktop computer system? It’s very common to own at least one computer in the family, and usually we have internet access to go along with it. Some of us might keep it simple. If you have a tablet device, you might use it for not much more than visiting Facebook and Youtube, checking our email, or watching movies. Even those with laptops or fully robust desktop computer systems often only scratch the surface of what can be done besides play on their computers.

It is no longer necessary to invest in expensive software packages in order to utilize computing power. Google Apps, for instance, allow any Google account holder to not only use email but to use their fleet applications on Google Drive, to write, edit and store documents of all kinds. Word processing documents, presentations, forms, spreadsheets and drawings re all built in apps. You can keep your document library private, or choose to share and collaborate with others.

These virtual applications make organization and storage of data easier than ever. How about you? Have you taken advantage of Google Apps or other similar cloud software to organize yourself? Or, does your personal address book still consist of one or more actual small address books with addresses filled in, crossed out, and rewritten over again? Do you have your complete library of phone numbers stored in your cell phone and nowhere else? Make a commitment to get your personal data in order by creating digital address and phone directories.

Another area in which our computers can help us achieve our goal is fitness and health. Visit a free fitness site to set up a free account where you can track weight, daily foods, exercise, measurements, and more. Set goals and work towards them and easily track where your strengths and weaknesses are. Most of these sorts of online sites offer mobile apps as well, so tracking food can move easily from your computer or laptop to your mobile phone.

Take advantage of the many ways our rent to own computers can actually assist us with organization and goal setting in 2013. As much fun as it is to play Words with Friends, don’t limit your computer’s contribution to your life to nothing more than socializing. Computers, laptops and tablet devices are powerful tools that can help us achieve more of our goals, if we leverage their power.

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