Rent a computer and travel from the Couch!

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Travel from the Couch!

I have a wise friend who has traveled the world. I admire her so much, and envy all the exotic spots she has visited. But one thing she said to me has really stuck with me….”More than half the fun of a trip is the planning of the journey!”

Oh how true this is! Unfortunately, very few of us can travel as often or as far as we would like. The constraints of work, school and other obligations keep us tied down sometimes. How do you cope when you have the travel bug yet reality has you tethered to the dining room table?

Well a great place to start is by a visit to the library or even some browsing on your laptop or computer. Where would you like to go? Why? What interests you about it?

It may be difficult to make that dream trip to Thailand or Norway come true right away, but all things are possible if you believe in them and want them badly enough, and its definitely never going to happen if you don’t invest some time and money into researching it.

Start a folder on your computer or a hard-copy binder of info. Get a map. That is essential and foremost. The more you learn about a place the more you will enjoy it. So, travel from the comfort of your recliner. Spread out that map of Austria and make sure you know it’s major cities, the bordering countries, and it’s climates and zones. With most cable and streaming television offering travel channels, keep an eye out for shows about places that interest you. Do yourself a favor and learn the history of Belgium or Croatia before you even come close to saving up the money for a ticket to travel there!

We are all busy but there is no excuse! While you cook in the kitchen, pacing from the refrigerator to the cooktop and even tossing some fresh laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, have an audio book playing, to learn the history and culture of the country that interests you. Most countries have an “ex-pat” blogging about living there, far from the United States. Bookmark that blog and follow it while you take a break from setting the kitchen table or dining table for dinner. Listen to language tapes on your smartphone or tablet device while you clean the living room, straighten the pillows on the couch and dust the end tables.

This exercise can only improve any travel you are eventually able to make. And, even if you never get there or just plain change your mind, your armchair adventure beats reality television shows any day!

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