Rent a Flat screen TV just in time for Superbowl!

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Upgrade your TV just in time for the Superbowl

With the Superbowl a little over a week away, upgrading to a larger television would be a good choice for hosting a Superbowl viewing party, enjoying the game with friends, or just watching the game with family and partaking in the usual football game fare: nachos, chicken wings and hotdogs.
When choosing a new flat screen television, some of the factors to consider are display size, picture quality and preferred viewing distance. The latest televisions have made great improvements in picture quality and are loaded with features.
Screen size: Television screens normally range from 20 inches or so up to 60 inches or more. To decide on a TV size, you might consider where you’ll be placing the unit, how much it weighs and the distance between the television screen and viewers.
Viewing distance: The distance between your TV and seating area is mostly a matter of preference, however, if you’re too close to your television, you may begin to see the individual screen pixels. If you’re too far away, you won’t see the high detail that an HDTV is capable of.
High-definition televisions: HDTVs give you a picture at a much higher resolution than standard definition sets. This is particularly important for large televisions, where details are more noticeable. If you’re shopping for a high-definition television,you’ll be looking at LCD, plasma or organic LED televisions.
Plasma TVs: Plasma units have no backlight to illuminate the television screen. The plasma cells themselves glow. These glowing plasma cells make up the pixels for the entire television screen.
Plasma features: Plasmas use more energy than LCD TVs, and they tend to give off more heat as well.
Plasma televisions feature a high contrast ratio and superior response time, which translates into great color reproduction and less motion-blur “ghosting effects” in the picture.
LCD TVs: LCD TVs use liquid crystal to make up the pixels in the TV screen
LCD Features: LCD televisions are lighter, cooler and more energy-efficient than plasma TVs of the same size.
A LCD flat-panel TV uses backlighting, which can affect the picture quality and contrast. LED backlit LCD TVs have better contrast ratios.
LCDs used to lag behind plasma TVs when it came to response time and motion-blur, but most new LCD TVs correct for these problems and have superior image and processing time.
HDMI connections: HDMI is currently the most popular cable type for connecting your TV to other devices, like Blu-ray players, video game consoles, home theater receivers and many other audio and video sources. HDMI carries both digital audio and video signals, which is essential for your HDTV to get the best audio and video quality.
Resolution: HDTV screen resolution is usually listed as the number of pixels in the horizontal dimension. For example, a 1080p HDTV uses progressive scan and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A higher resolution television has a clearer, more detailed picture.
Choosing the right television for the occasion will maximize your Superbowl experience and provide viewing entertainment for years to come.

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