Rent a bed – Get a Good Night’s Sleep on the Right Bed, in the Right Room

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Get a Good Night’s Sleep on the Right Rental Bed, in the Right Room

America may be the land of plenty, but if there is one thing we are getting short changed on, it’s our rest. Get anything less than seven hours of sleep a night and your body functions suffer. Eight hours or even more is optimal, allowing your body and brain to rest and rejuvenate it’s functions. Are you getting your full night’s rest? Very likely you are not, our hectic schedules can make it challenging. But, you can do your best to ensure that the rest you get is good rest.

Is your bedroom a restful haven? Have you chosen a comfortable bed with an appropriate mattress and boxspring? Lighter individuals like children don’t need as much support as larger adults. This is why toddler beds and bunk beds meant for children often feature a lighter weight mattress. This is fine and appropriate. For adults, more support is helpful. There is quite a bit of variety in mattresses, some are soft, some are firm. This is a matter of individual taste. Test a few mattresses in the store to see which model feels the most comfortable. If you are half of a couple, it’s important that both of you test the mattress and boxspring combo to make sure it’s a good fit for both.

Apart from the actual bed you lay on, there are other factors that affect your night’s rest. Even though many people enjoy watching television in their bedroom, from the comfort of their bed, it is not recommended to have the television on while you fall to sleep. This habit is disruptive to good sleep habits. The recommendation for the best, most restful sleep is to spend some down time from electronics before hitting the sack. This includes televisions, computers, and video games. If you have the habit of staying up to watch that favorite late night show, or gaming until you win, then calling it a night, already too tired, your habits might be affecting your overall well being. Take a look at your family’s habits in this area and see if there is some room for improvement.

In keeping with creating a restful place to lay your head at night, take a look around your bedroom. Is the lighting pleasant, coming from bedside table lamps or standing lamps, or do you have a harsh overhead light? A few lamps featuring softer lighting can go a long ways towards creating a restful bedroom. Also, unnecessary clutter is not restful. Keep the top of the dresser and chairs free from clutter and your mind will feel more relaxed each night as you settle into your bed for each night’s rest. Sweet dreams!

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