QUIZ: Your Personal Furniture Decorating Style

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QUIZ: Your Personal Decorating Style

We all choose certain clothing, not only because we happen to like it and it fits, but also because we feel it reflects our personalities. The same applies when it comes to home decorating. Ideally, your home is a reflection of you: your ideals, standards, likes, and dreams. Does your home reflect the real YOU? Is it an extension of your true self? Take this short quiz to learn more about your inner style. Then use the results to decorate your home as an extension of your self.

1. Which of the following movies are in your list of favorites?
a) Star Wars – Heroes, light sabers, and outer space, it doesn’t get any better!
b) Gone With The Wind – Those were the days! And, a gown out of draperies? Sheer genius!
c)  Avatar – LOVED the fantastic creatures, plants and colors!
d) Dancing With Wolves – Adventure, romance, and the wild, wild West!

2. If you could choose just one decorating accessory from the following, which would it be
a) Ebony and chromed statuette of a bird in flight
b) Antique crystal vase, passed down from your great, great grandmother
c) 1950’s era floor lamp with orange and turquoise fiberglass globe shade
d) Uniquely twisted piece of driftwood, found on vacation in Washington state

3. Which popular magazine are you most likely to pick up at the checkout?
a) Architectural Digest
b) Town and Country
c) Wired
d) National Geographic

4. Who of the following do you relate to and look up to the most?
a) Steve Jobs
b) Victoria Beckham
c) Willie Nelson
d) Bear Grylls

Now tally your score. Add up your points as follows:
a = 1
b = 2
c = 3
d = 4

  • A score of 6 or under makes you the Eclectic. Strong colors and textures along with a dash of the unique and quirky when it comes to accessorizing will create a home with the character you crave.
  • A score of 7 – 10 makes you an Elegant. Classic furnishings in rich fabrics and finishes, along with antique-styled accessories help your home reflect the cultured traditionalist that you are.
  • A score of 11- 13 makes you a Modernist. Sleek lines and smooth finishes, along with monochromatic color schemes makes your home reflect the visionary you are. Gadgets and technology will play an important place in your home decor.
  • A score of 14 or over makes you a Natural. Look for earth tones and rustic, natural woods for your furniture. Accessorize with pottery and treasures from the outdoors to make your house feel like a true home for you.

A few of you may land on the cusp, if so, then mix it up! There are no hard rules when it comes to style. Be yourself, and let your home reflect your personality!

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