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Save Money, Invest in a Freezer Chest

Apr 06, 2016 Comments Off on Save Money, Invest in a Freezer Chest by

For larger families, or households that do a lot of cooking, investing in a standalone freezer chest can be a great way to save money on groceries. The small freezers built into most refrigerators just won’t cut it for things like buying in bulk or storing leftovers. Here are some of the great advantages of […]

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Choosing the Perfect Bedframe

Apr 05, 2016 Comments Off on Choosing the Perfect Bedframe by

Having a nice bedframe is the perfect way to pull your bedroom décor together. It doesn’t matter if you have a dresser, nightstands, or other furnishings, without a bedframe the room will tend to look unfinished. There are a couple things to consider when choosing a bedframe however, which are: Do you have enough room? […]

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Go Green by Renting Furniture from Buddy’s

Apr 04, 2016 Comments Off on Go Green by Renting Furniture from Buddy’s by

With an ever-increasing emphasis being placed on going green and becoming more environmentally conscious worldwide, people are searching for ways to reduce their impact on our fragile environment. When we think about ways to be environmentally conscious, things like turning off lights to save electricity, recycling, and watching our water consumption often come to mind. […]

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Have the Best Possible Experience at Buddy’s

Apr 01, 2016 Comments Off on Have the Best Possible Experience at Buddy’s by

There are lots of reasons somebody would prefer rent-to-own instead of buying something outright. If you find yourself living in temporary arrangements on a work assignment for example, renting is often a better idea than buying furniture and having to worry about selling that furniture or transporting it later. If an appliance like a refrigerator […]

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Lease Ownership Adds Even More Payment Flexibility

Mar 31, 2016 Comments Off on Lease Ownership Adds Even More Payment Flexibility by

In addition to our great weekly payment options, Buddy’s Home Furnishings is now offering another great way to get the furniture and electronics you want. Lease ownership may sound complicated, but it’s very similar to our traditional rental agreements, with one major difference. Instead of paying every week for the items you want, you can […]

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When is Rent-to-Own Furniture a Great Idea?

Mar 30, 2016 Comments Off on When is Rent-to-Own Furniture a Great Idea? by

No house will feel like a home without some great furniture, but unfortunately that isn’t within everybody’s budget. Rent-to-own (RTO) has been a major key in helping millions of Americans get the furniture they need to take their house and turn it into home. Rent-to-own has proven to be a great opportunity for many consumers […]

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Furnishing Your Home on a Budget

Mar 29, 2016 Comments Off on Furnishing Your Home on a Budget by

Good news! The seller accepted your offer and you’re on the way to owning your first home. If you’re going from a smaller apartment or if you’ve never lived on your own, you may not own everything you need, and will probably be on a fairly tight budget. Don’t become overwhelmed with worrying about what […]

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Benefits of Rent-to-Own

Mar 28, 2016 Comments Off on Benefits of Rent-to-Own by

Rent-to-own is commonly given a negative connotation by many people, but in reality, it’s a great option for getting you when you need and want as quickly as possible, without breaking your budget for the monthly necessities. On top of that, there are some other reasons that renting may be your best option. It’s convenient […]

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Sofas and Loveseats: What’s the Difference?

Mar 25, 2016 Comments Off on Sofas and Loveseats: What’s the Difference? by

Sofas and Loveseats are some of the most popular types of seating in living rooms all around the country, rarely will you walk into somebody’s home and not see at least one sofa or loveseat. But what’s the difference between the two? There are obvious differences such as size, but there are differences you may […]

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Make a Colorful Statement with your Sofa this Spring

Mar 24, 2016 Comments Off on Make a Colorful Statement with your Sofa this Spring by

The first day of spring was just a few days ago, and that means it’s time to come out of that winter funk! Sprucing up your home is a great way to get in a cheerful spring mood, and what better way than to give your sofa a new splash of color? Fortunately, it’s cheap […]

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rent furniture check 1. Receive Immediate Online Approval

No Credit Needed On Any Rent to Own Furniture.

Regardless of past credit mistakes or history, our customer no longer has to purchase used goods, inferior products or "do without". No Credit Needed and our customers don't have to put up with the credit hassles normally associated with finance companies, banks and departments stores.

Get Pre-Approved Online!

Getting pre-approved with Buddy's Home Furnishings is quick and easy. In just minutes, your application will be whisked off for approval.

rent to own furniture cart 2.Build Your Wishlist And Check Prices & Availability

Build Your Rental Furniture Wishlist. Free Delivery And Set-Up

Typically, the big box stores charge the customer for a product to be delivered and set-up, the cost ranges anywhere from $25 to $50 per product. Our customers never pay delivery or set-up fees; it's all part of our service.

Free Product Service And Loaner

Our customers have a built-in "peace of mind" in knowing that we will provide free product repair during the term of the rental agreement. This benefit includes parts and labor and a free "Loaner" product in many cases.

No Long-Term Obligation

The rental-purchase agreement is totally non-binding and our customer is never obligated to keep his or her rented product. Unlike a financed product, our customer remains "debt-free", and there is no penalty for returning the product.

rental furniture payment 3. Make Your Payments

Make Your Rent To Own, Lease To Own Payments. Money Back Guarantee

If our customer is dissatisfied with either our product or our service, within the first 72 hours after delivery he or she may return the product and receive a full refund – with no hassles.

We'll Meet Or Beat Any Competitor's Price

If you find a better price with any of our competitors, we will meet or beat it to make sure you understand we care about you.

Rent To Own Purchase Options

Rental Purchase

Buddy’s offers a variety of payment plans that are right for your budget and your lifestyle. We make it easy for you to make weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payments for a predetermined term. Whatever payment option works for you will also work for us. And at Buddy’s, you also have the flexibility to change your payment schedule during your agreement, from monthly to weekly or vice versa. And to give you even more flexibility, we also offer an “Early Purchase Option” or our “Same as Cash” program, which enables you to shorten your payment schedule.

Early Purchase Option (EPO)

Buddy's offers another discounted purchase option for the price-conscious consumer during the rental agreement. To exercise this option, the customer simply "buys" his or her product at a discounted price of 50-70% times the remaining agreement balance. This option enables our customers to "try it before you buy it" and the total cost is considerably lower than making the remaining payments to obtain ownership.

Same As Cash

Buddy's is proud to offer our "Same as Cash" pricing options upon request. The pricing structure for this option is based upon our regular retail prices and gives our customers an opportunity to "buy at retail prices" any products on a rental-purchase agreement. And this option is much better than layaway because we allow you to take it home immediately and use the product while you're making your payments.
Buddy's is the market leader in Rent to Own furniture. We give you furniture and appliances such as washer and dryers, computers, tvs, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, televisions and much more. Click here to view more rent to own furniture.


Buddy's is the market leader in Rent to Own furniture. We rent Furniture and appliances such as washer and dryer rentals, computer rentals, tv rentals, sofa rentals, bedroom furniture for rent , television for rent and much more. Click here to view more rent to own furniture.

*Pre-approved limits on purchasing power may vary individually based upon verification of basic customer information, included but not limited to primary residence, personal references and sources of income.

(*) The advertised transaction is a consumer rental-purchase agreement. In KA, GA and VA, a consumer lease purchase agreement. You will not own the merchandise until the specified number of weekly, or monthly payments are made, or early payout option is exercised. In NC, final payments require a balloon payment equal to 11% of the cash price. Prices listed are exclusive of taxes, optional damage waiver, processing or other ancillary fees. Ownership is optional. Photography is not representative. Not all merchandise is exactly as pictured or available at all locations. Good while supplies last. Merchandise may be new or previously rented. Six months same as cash option only available for agreements with a cash price over $1,500. Four months same as cash option only available for agreements with a cash price above $500. Two months same as cash option available for agreements with a cash price under $500. Some locations may offer additional same as cash programs. See your local Buddy’s Home Furnishings manager for details. Buddy’s Home Furnishings is not responsible for printer error.