Our 4 Favorite Things about Tablets

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Tablets have many practical uses, from entertaining children to reading books. They are great for the workplace and contribute to employee mobility. Here are four reasons tablets are great for work, learning, and play:

  1. Portability with Practicality – Have you ever tried reading a book on your phone? It’s not easy, and it makes you look like you need glasses. Tablets are easy to carry around and make reading easy. Whether it is a great novel or a business report, reading on a tablet is more practical than a phone and more portable than a laptop.Buddy – Our 4 Favorite Things about Tablets Image
  2. Sharing – Whether you are sharing photos of your sister’s wedding or presenting a quarterly business report, tablets are great. Images are easy to see, and all the information you need is available.
  3. Cost – Tablets are typically cheaper than laptops, cost about as much as phones, and share the capabilities of each.
  4. Traveling – A tablet is a great option for travel. It can fit easily into a plane’s seat pocket and hold several books and magazine. It can also keep the kiddos occupied in the back seat on a long car ride.

Tablets have been recognized for years now as the perfect hybrid in both size and capability of the smartphone and computer. They’ve got the best features from both and we can’t see their popularity declining in the foreseeable future. To get your hands on a new Samsung tablet, check our Buddy’s Home Furnishings. We’ve got a great selection of rent to own tablets from all your favorite brands.

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