Office Furniture Rental (School Days mean Homework Nights)

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School Days mean Homework Nights

Almost every school-aged child from first-graders to seniors in high school have homework as part of their curriculum. First graders may have a simple one-sheet exercise to match like objects on the sheet and then color them. On the other end of the spectrum, seniors might be dealing with complex, college-level trigonometry problems or detailed biology reports. But, the common thread is that the homework must be done, and every family has it’s way of handling homework.

What is your family’s homework style? Do your children finish up dinner then dutifully get out their books and work together at the dining room table in silence? Or, is your style to have the kids pop open their assignments at the kitchen Table while you prepare dinner? Some families, especially those with older teens, allow their children to do their homework whenever and wherever they want. You might catch these kids with a book propped open on the coffee table while the rest of the family watches television in the same room. Or, they may be using their own computers in their rooms, music blaring as they type their report on their laptop or Tablet Device.

With younger students, it is generally a good idea to set up a structured homework time and place, to help them build good study habits. Parents often need to assist younger students and provide some input as they work through their assignments. As children mature and their skills and intellect grow, more freedom to choose their own homework environment can be allowed. Many pre-teens and teens will appreciate being allowed some freedoms to listen to music or choose a comfortable spot to study.

Often, very busy parents find homework to be more time consuming than they would like. It’s understandable but try to be an active part in your child’s education by giving them a proper foundation while they are young. Make sure they have the tools they need to complete assignments, and take a few minutes to review your children’s efforts. The time you spend now will be well worth it as they continue on their paths to educated young adults.

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