Now is the time to start upgrading furniture!

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bean bag chairsWhen it is time to move from a dorm room to a rental home you and five friends found on Zillow, there are several pieces of furniture you need to consider eliminating or upgrading. It will take you all time and a little cash to resemble real adults, but taking the leap now will help you graduate in style before you graduate. Here are some college furniture items that need to hit the curb, or find a new home, first:

The ugly futon!

Is there an issue with the futon? Utilizing a futon as your primary living room seating option can result in an uncomfortable spot to rest and a design that often hurts the eyes. Upgrade to a Montgomery Mocha loveseat for just $12.99 per week, then put the futon in the extra bedroom. This foldable piece of furniture can serve a purpose when seating is running low, or a set of parents visit without warning.

The tiny refrigerator!

Once your living space expands beyond the walls of a dorm room, a mini-fridge will not work. You will want to upgrade to a real refrigerator because, we all like to think, adults cook elaborate meals and entertain. The truth of the matter is, you will want a refrigerator from Buddy’s Home Furnishings for the very unglamorous task of simple grocery shopping on weekly or bi-weekly basis. The mini-fridge can be gifted to a friend still living in the dorms, hidden away in a man cave or stashed in another location where you might like to store cold beverages.

Bean bag seating!

As you improve your residence, you should remove all furniture that changes shape like an amoeba. Yeah, they are fun, and they can be comfortable, but they are not kind to bodies over the age of twenty-five. Find some comfortable, well-designed seating that you and all guests can easily relax in. If it is at all possible, try to bring along an older friend or parent to see if it happens to be easy for them to climb back out of the recliner.

A furniture upgrade is a rite of passage we all go through and while it may not be fun at the time, the next step is usually pretty interesting!

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