Moving After College

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You made it! You’re through college and it’s time to move out of the old university apartment. It can seem exciting, daunting, confusing, and tedious all at the same time. Since movers can be expensive, it’s quite common for freshly graduated twenty-somethings to go through the process of moving on their own.

If that sounds like something you’ll be facing soon, consider our tips on how to make your move as stress-free and simple as possible.

1. Figure out what you should wait to rent or buy. Moving into a new place inevitably comes with some new expenses, especially if your old apartment was furnished. If you’re moving to a new city, decide on whether or not it makes more sense to move each piece to your new space or simply rent or buy it when you get to your destination. Saving the money of lugging a couch to a new state can make it worth it right there.

2. Prioritize your packing based on use. A month out from your move, you can pack a lot of nonessentials like seasonal clothing, books, and knick-knacks on the walls. On the flipside, keep out essentials like bathroom towels, toiletries, and kitchen utensils until the very end. When those last things do get packed, make sure they’re clearly marked and are able to be found easily so you won’t have to search too long for a cup when moving inevitably makes you crave a big glass of water.

3. Don’t pack things that are already packed. The clothes in your dresser? Those are already packed. If things are naturally situated in a container of some sort (like a dresser drawer), don’t feel obligated to take it out and pack it in a cardboard box. This will save you time, energy, and money.

4. Use what’s around you. In the same vein as #3, don’t rush out and buy a bunch of packing materials. First, assess how much stuff you really need to pack. Start off buying a small amount of boxes (or getting them from a local shop or grocery store that doesn’t need them anymore). You can always go back and get more. Use clothing to wrap breakable items. Why waste box space and money on bubble wrap when you’ve got a whole wardrobe that can do the job instead? Go easy on the tape and resist the urge to create a sharpie masterpiece when labeling boxes.

5. Prepare at the old place and the new one. Take pictures of things in your home you want to remember (e.g., picture arrangements on the wall, how wires we plugged into the TV, etc.). Take pictures of your new place while it’s empty to have documented proof of its condition upon move-in. Make sure your boxes are all labeled appropriately and put them in the right room as soon as they enter your new apartment.

By preparing and organizing properly before the big move, you can remove a lot of the stress and work that normally accompanies it.

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Happy moving!

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