Maximize Your Space in Shared Rooms

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If your children share a room, it likely comes with challenges. From toys strewn everywhere to kids complaining about needing rent to own bedstheir own spaces, room sharing can be fun or a pain. Take the pain out of the experience by following some basic organization principles. Turn around a messy kids’ room today with these tips:

  1. Invest in organization. An organization system of drawers, shelving, and baskets can make cleaning up fun and easy. Better yet, furniture with built-in storage can be helpful and space-saving. Add personalized chalkboard signs for each child or use colors to designate certain areas for toys, clothes, and other items. Remember to make commonly left out items as easy as possible to put away.
  2. Clearly divide the room. Whether your children get along great or they’re gaining independence, dividing a room gives each child a personal space without sacrificing closeness. Let the kids have some input in the design of the room to avoid arguments later.
  3. Try bunk beds. An age old shared room design, bunk beds are fun for kids and a great way to maximize space. Alternatively, consider lofting two beds. Leave the bottoms for homework, play, or lounging.

Remind kids who are starting to feel independent that young adults share rooms in college, and it’s not a “kids-only” arrangement. Once you have the room structured and organized with amazing rent-to-own pieces from Buddy’s Home Furnishings, create a cleanup routine and help your children to remember to stick with it.

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